Dream Harvest is a games development studio made up of both Industry vets with a combined 30+ years experience in the industry and super star graduates.
We create games for the mid to hardcore market across all platforms. Focused on blending competitive / co-op gaming with narrative driven experiences, creating genre defining, highly polished games that offer players fresh, new challenges and the highest levels of innovation.  
Dream Harvest was founded in April 2013 by Justin French, a sound designer and composer who had been working in the games industry for the past 6 years. 
He had previously been working with a mixture of AAA studios on titles such as Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Witcher 2 and Fable 2 while working at renowned audio production house Side. He later went on to work at OMUK, Sides competitor where he had the pleasure of working on a large number of adventure games such as Broken Sword 5. During his time at both these audio studios he also began working for a number of small indie studios on a mixture of action, puzzle and narrative driven experiences across mobile and PC and transitioned from handling just audio to a production and design role.
After 6 years of working on other people's games it was time for a change, Dream Harvest was born.
Justin's aim with Dream Harvest was to bring together a collective of creative developers to work on bold, exciting, hardcore gameplay experiences with a focus on combining genres and creating carefully crafted game mechanics that challenge players in new ways across all platforms.
Justin began to bring together highly talented and experienced developers, first with Sven Herrmann and then Milcho Milchev and finaly Loic Bramoulle and so Dream Harvest was born. With Team members based globally, A remote team using today’s latest technologies to collaborate and work. Dream Harvest is a games development studio without borders or boundaries.
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